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The Song of the Lion

Buzz Fest Report 2005

Here is the long arse report...

Well, Girls. doors sometimes close, but then God, (the Force or someone) opens a window....

Ye all heard the bads new about Autumn and I losing our pit 1 Tickets for BuzzFest because of the venue change.....In case you did not...Buzz fest was supposed to be at minute maid park this past Saturday. But they moved it to Cynthia Woods and voided everyones tickets so we had to go rebuy. And pit tickets were all sold out before we could get them. so the tickets we got were not very good. But we still got in I guess.
We almost did not want to go...

Well, we might forgive the Astros.....a little now anyway. since it all went better than we anticpated...LOL

We ended up going to the show. Autumn really wanted to see 30 Seconds to Mars and I really like them too. They are good. So, we went ahead and went.

We at least had our camera so we took it with us. Then while at the gate, this really angry police woman made us check it. We were not happy about that. We had told the police officer that they were allowing cameras. But she said no they changed their minds. So we checked it and then we went to meet up with the rest of the Martians or the Echelon as 30 STM affectionally calls their fans. Autumn called Jennie one of the girls to find out where they were. They were sitting in the very front row by the stage. Turned out that it was open seating till four. So the group had gone up and to the front and saved a bunch of seats. So we got to sit up at the front for a little while at least. All the girls there had their cameras. Turns out that we were allowed to have cameras after all the mean mad old lady cop was wrong. So we spoke with a supervisor and we were able to get the camera back. So we were able to get some good pics of everyone.

While we were sitting there I noticed that Timmy (Chads Guitar Tech) was over on the left side of the stage messing with guitars. I saw a crate that said Nickelback back on it. Timmy was over their getting the boys guitars ready. I got some really beautiful shots I think of Timmy stringing the guitars I think. He is framed in crates and speakers and wires and him working on the guitars. Behind him the guitar cases. Saw the green guitar that Chad plays. ;) got one really good shot of him with one of the guitars slanted against his face. The neck of the guitar is near his ear and he is listening to the strings. I really like that one. A master at his craft. I also got a couple of shots just the case of the guitars when he walked away. He kept looking over at me taking pictures. I am thinking to myself. Dude don't freak I am just admiring your work. Anyway I thought that was so loverly. That alone made it for me. I loved the chance to be able to do that.

We listened to Hinder, mainly because they played just before 30 STM. They were all right Had never heard of them before then. They are really kind of young for me to get into. These guys are probably early twenties maybe. And the music though good really I cant see myself getting into them. The lead singer was amusing to us. He had this Steven Tyler thing going on. He kind of looked like a young Steve Tyler and he had the scarves on the microphone stand. So he was entertaining with his Steve Tyler mannerisms. So we enjoyed watching him. I took some pics of him. And then kept taking more pics of Timmy doing the guitar thang.

30 Seconds to Mars was next they were really good. I really like them. Jared Leto is just precious anyway and I like him as an actor too. They had that black and red thing going on. His brother Shannon was on the drums. Jared had the eyeliner thing going on. He looked good in it. He has beautiful eyes to begin with. blue green eyes. They are like drops of Caribbean water for eyes. Very Loverly. great vocals. Great guitar work... and he is quirky fun. He climbed up a pole ladder and tied a red banner to a crows nest up there. Saying to the audience. "Sometimes you got to leave your mark." ha ha. Then he sang hanging for the ladder area, with autumn and I chanting 'don't fall and break you neck now.' They put on a great show. Autumn got some really great pics of them. Man....

After they were done. We ran to get in line for autographs. If you buy a CD you get this little blue ticket to get ahead of the line. So autumn bought a ticket so she could get sigs. Our group was the first in line for them. Autumn was a verra happy wench now that she got to get them to autograph stuff. Some of the girls in our group. had some custom made 30 to Mars stuff that the guys really liked. So they asked the girls to meet them over by the side stage later so they could get pics of them. So we did that next.

Well, first we went and got me a Nickelback CD and a blue ticket so I could get Nickelback sigs.

I really would have liked to, but we did not stop and listen to institute. Gavin Rossdale's band. I like the man. ;) great singer and another cutie. We watched for a moment while we were on the way to go meet up with 30 STM. I took a few pics of him singing. It was from a far but I got pics. none the less. Just snapping as many as I can.

So we waited about 20 minutes or so for the Mars boys to get over to where were. Shannon, Jareds brother came with his big arse camera and started taking pics of all the custom shirts and Jackets. These guys are really cool and very personable to their fans. I mean and you can tell it is so sincere. They just treat them like they are family. The Shannon got pics with the girls that wanted them. He just kept his arm out saying "Ok who is next?" He is just precious. A big sweetheart. Jared came out too and was getting pics with all the gals who wanted them. Autumn got her pic with both of them.

After that I told the gals that I was going over to wait in line for Nickleback even though it was two and a half hours away. I was just not going to miss this chance at all. Autumn hung around a little longer with the Echelon grrls waiting for another member Tomo of 30 STM came out so they all could get pics with him. He is really a cutie too. All these cutie mens. We were swimmin' in them yesterday... ;)

So off I went to wait for Nickelback. I just hung around there waiting till they started the line. And one of the staff women told me that I would be the start and put me aside to wait. So that was at 4 PM and NB was not signing till around 6:30. But I did not care I was going to wait. Another girl joined me around 4:30 or so. She was about 16. So her and I hung out in line. Her mom was with her and we all talked for a bit. She loves Chad. Her Mom was really nice. She need to go off to do some things. She said she thought she would be in good hands with me and asked if I kind of just watch out for her. I told her sure I am a Mom and I would watch out for her for you. So we just talked Nickelback stuff while we waited. She put Nickelback in her Sims game too. Haa haaa. Her Mom thought that was funny and was kind of relieved to hear her daughter was not the only one doing that. I said 'heck yeah us Chaddies think alike.' LOL So we had fun talking about what our NB sims did etc.... I gave her the addie of my Nickelback sims so she could check it out.. Some other gals got in line too and we talked and waited with them. We Chadded I mean Chatted about the guys and the band and the message boards were were on and who we were on them. etc.

So I waited there from 4:00 til the 6:30 autograph time. To meet the guys. Autumn was with me she was snapping pictures of the guys while we waiting. I took the camera with me and got pics of the guys while I was getting autographs.
first was Ryan, them Mike, Daniel and the Chad. Shook Mikes hand and Daniels And Chad reached out his hand to shake mine. Of course he was smiling big as you please like he always does and gave me a big hello. But he is always smiling.
I just said "Hi Chad how ya doing?" I asked Daniel and him to scoot together for a pic. So they did and Chad gave his 'devil horns' sign and gave a big smile.

I did not say much to them really did not have much time. Just enough to say a hello and get the autograph. But that was what I was wanting. Finally got to touch the man. I took this one pic of Chad as they were coming in for the meet and greet and I moved the camera before the picture snap. This digital has a kind of delay which is kind of annoying because you don't get the shot you were going for. But anyway I moved it before it was done and I ended up snapping a picture of his upper legs and lower torso.

So after that we went to sit in our seats to wait for Nickelback to come on stage. Seether was playing at the time. They were all right. Not my kind of band at all really.

Nickelback put on a very good show. They sang songs from their Albums. The State, Silver Side up, Long Road and the new one All the right reasons. It was a very nice selection in the time they had. They even did an encore. Great show packed in 1 hour. Chad talked a lot like he likes too. ;) They did the Beer O'clock. They are also doing a new thing which I thought was pretty cool. They shot Nickelback Tshirts out of 'Cannons' into the audience. Actually they were like air guns. Timmy was helping them do that. I think it was Ryan shoving the rolled up Tshirts down into the cannon. Then Timmy would shoot them into the audience. I thought that was a really nice touch the guys added to the show. ;) pretty cool

Daniel did a Drum solo. Man was I blown away by that. It was amazing to listen to. Got Chills even. It was beautiful. The Drum solo led in to Follow you Home.

Best show I have seen so far. But they just keep getting better which is a good thing. This is my third time to see them.

Here are the songs they sung.... I can't remember the order exactly. but here are the songs they sung I just divided them up by album.

Leader of Men

Woke up this morning
How you remind me
Too Bad
Never Again

flat on the floor
because of you
Figured you out... This was their encore. Autumn and I knew it would either
be this one or Animals.
Follow you home

A nice selection of songs for and hour show. They really outdid themselves.

We left as soon at the boyos were done. We did not stay for Audio Slave. We like them and all. But, we saw who we wanted to see to be honest. Cept not seeing Gavins band. :( But we were tired after a long day there. We were hungry and wanted to get on the road before crowds and the drunkos did. Every one was wobbling by the end of the night, naturaly. I said to Autumn. These people are going to be on the road with us. That alone we thought was a good reason to leave a bit early. Before we left we went and got me a NB T shirt. I picked the one with the Royal Medieval Looking Eagle Crest. I get a pic of it and post it.

I Will post photos soon. Once my daughter gets them to me from her camera. And pictures of my signed CD Cover.. ;)

So yeah. I got to meet my man and touch him. ;) And Autumn got to meet her man (Jared) and touch him and hang out with the band a bit.

So the day turned out pretty good. Even without the pit 1 tickets were lost because of the venue switch, Because of the Astros game. So it all turned out pretty good after all! I don't even remember the pain of our canceled Pit 1 tickets and that means it was a succesful event and day.

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